A wonderful and relaxed family home in the heart of the Beaujolais wine region

Sometimes I am as happy as Larry in my business in Malmö, then a home visit comes up, which drops me to six and makes me dream of a total change of life! It's one of these days! And once you see the pictures, I have the feeling that you might feel the same. Lysiane Marcel lives in a beautiful 18th century house in the wine region of Beaujolais, France, with her husband Laurent, three children Léonce, Bertil and Colette and their cats and their dog. Their home is an inspiring mix of vintage, antique and department store finds (I even had a look at IKEA pieces!), Giving the space a truly laid-back, personal touch. I briefly caught up with Lysiane, who runs a concept store in Villefranche, to know a little more about his "golden" house in the heart of the Pierres Dorées.

Your house is beautiful! How old is he and when did you move in?

This is an old winemaker's house built in 1752 from golden stones, the gilded stone of our region. We moved in when I was pregnant with Colette three years ago.

What's inspiring your interior style?

I am my heart and allow the house to guide me.

I can imagine myself very inspired by a house like this! Was it love at first sight?

Yes, but we were afraid of all this space because the house is very big and we lived in an apartment in Lyon at the time!

Are you planning to decorate the entire house or are you leaving some rooms empty?

We plan to create many friendly rooms for our friends. They are empty during the week, but we often have friends to stay on weekends.

What do you like most in your home?

I like the space, the light, the floor and all the little details that accompany an old house.

And finally, do you have any advice for those who dream of owning a similar property?

Finding a home like this takes a lot of time. We visited 30 properties before we found it! it's about following your heart, a house must make you feel good.

What do you think, are you ready to enjoy croissants and coffee in bed by the pool ?! Or maybe a glass of Beaujolais would be more fit ?!

Discover more about the beautiful house of Lysiane on @une_idee_entete. Lysiane also sells the beautiful clothes of her family on instagram right here.

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Does anyone else really feel inspired now for a Monday ?!

Good week start!


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