The big trend of Christmas decoration in Sweden (and you can make it yourself!)

There is only a week left before the first Sunday of Advent and Christmas decorations begin to appear in Sweden. Do not misunderstand, they have not eaten everything – Christmas trees and garlands of dried oranges can wait. But nothing cuts the darkness and lights your way home like the soft white glow of "Adventstake" (7 candles arranged in a triangle), the light garlands and the lanterns. Star-shaped paper lanterns have been a favorite for many years in Sweden, but this year a newcomer appears: the & # 39;snöblomma& # 39 ;. Made from tracing paper, cardboard or even brown paper bags, these beautiful "snow flowers" are just as beautiful hanging on the window as they are hanging at home. Last year, they sold like wildfire, so I wanted to warn you – and spread a little love of snow flowers!

Are not they beautiful? There is a range available online – here are some of my favorites:

1. paper star

2. paper lantern shades

3. Watt & Veke Julia Pappstjärna Blush

4 Snöblomma adventsstjärna

5. Watt & Veke Julius Pappstjärna Vit

6. Kathmandu paper star

7. Watt & Veke Oslo Pappstjärna

8. paper flake

9. Watt & Veke Juliette Pappstjärna Rosa

10. suspended paper stars

Not available in your country or do you prefer to create your own? The good news is that some of these varieties are so easy to make. My daughters and I followed Viktoria Holmgren's step-by-step DIY tutorial below and in less than an hour we had created an entire garland!

Simple snow flowers

Alternatively, if you are a bit of a hands-on origami (I am not!), You may want to create your own multilevel snowflower. Linnéa shared an excellent tutorial (in Swedish but accompanied by many images to guide you in the process) below:

Master class for talented origami!

There is also a fun tutorial on making paper stars from lunch bags right here.

What do you think? Can you imagine hanging them at your Christmas?

I think they are so beautiful!

Jump into these archives to discover more inspiration for the Scandi Christmas decoration this weekend (if it appears first, just scroll!).

Have fun with friends and Monday!


PS I promise that I will not flood the blog with daily Christmas inspiration from here to December 24 (although there are certainly some!), I have just thought I'd better publish it just in case you want it. hop on the snow flower train! I have a great visit to make at home to share Monday – not a decoration in sight!

Credits: top photo Fanny Blinden

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