A beautiful Danish house with a touch of hygiene!

I'm not sure of the last time we saw the sun here in southern Sweden. So we are busy making our own light in the way that Scandinavians know best: with candles. Some bridges on the Danish mainland, Helle Rye do the same in his beautiful apartment in Aarhus, Jutland. Dating back to 1899, this sumptuous hotel has wooden floors, beautiful antique touches and impressive large rooms that pass through each other through a double door. The space may be bright and airy, but Helle has also created a wonderfully comfortable home for herself and her husband Bo. Take a closer look and you'll see sofas laden with cushions and blankets, comfortable daybeds and sheepskin drapes draped over the backs of the chairs. Oh, and candles, lots of candles! Welcome to Helle hyggelig world!

Oooooh wow! Is not it charming?

Helle's home has something incredibly royal – and yet, she feels comfortable and personal.

Is there anything in particular that has marked you?

See more of Helle's beautiful house on her Instagram A Nordic moment (News alert: she started decorating her house for Christmas and it looks magical!).

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Have a nice day – I hope someone somewhere, enjoys some sun, and if you wish – send some rays this way!


Photography: Helle Rye

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