10 super stylish ways to display (or hide!) Your TV

When I present home visits, I am often asked: "but where is the television" ?! I totally understand that after all, almost every household has one, and they do not appear often. Why is that?! Well, let's face it, a big black rectangle does not always make the best shot. But that's what makes the means of displaying our glasses boxes even more important. After all, the viewing position often means that it must occupy a place of choice in the room! So, here are the people, a long-awaited blog post dedicated to TV. I hope you find these 10 great ways to display – or hide – a TV in your home with inspiration (feel free to add yours in the comment section below). Here is to watch Netflix with style!


1. The thing's just another thing on the wall (top and top) – based in Helsingborg Ruta Vitesson (top) and daughter of Chicago Macaila Britton (above) have both placed their flat screens between two shelves, which surrounds it with treasures such as art, books and plants for a nice look.

2 The wall of the gallery – Hiding your TV in a gallery has never been easier with the arrival of The Frame TV (shown above and below), which displays artwork instead of a black rectangle when your TV is not used (genius!). Many modern TVs also allow you to present your own photographs that may look as beautiful and more personal!

Kate Spiers

3. art of declaration – In a creative home, a TV that can be camouflaged as an art makes a huge difference and even adds to the space!

Katerina Dima

4. The sticker: help your TV integrate by including it in a monochrome screen with plants, candles and cushions. Ikea Bestå Units provide the perfect platform and means you can hide cables, remotes and other unsightly things underneath. Perfect!

5. Ton on your! Let's face it, television is never a problem when it's on because it provides entertainment. Decoration problems arise when it's off! I like this idea of ​​opting for a stylish black TV and mounting it on a matching black wall, it almost disappears!

Emily Osmond

6. Behind the scenes of the TV: place a daring artwork on the wall next to the telly and your eye will be drawn to it instead of the black rectangle. Extra marks for a wonderful daybed like this so you can turn your back on the flat screen (literally) when you do not use it too!


8. Create a balance: If your glasses box is the only black rectangle in the room, it will stand out. Balance the look with other black objects (especially if they are rectangular) and the appearance will be easier to look at. I love the contemporary fireplace in this living room!


8. TV can be lifted: This super smart hidden TV solution appeared during a home tour in 2015, and I have never forgotten it! The custom unit was designed to cover the radiators and conceal the TV when it is not used. Genius!

9. The TV cabinet: At first glance, it's hard to guess where the TV could be in this comfortable room. Take a closer look, and you'll see a set of barn doors above the fireplace!

10. behind closed doors: You do not want to see it at all when it's off, but are you still looking for easy access? Why not put it in an independent cabinet – built-in or enviable like that of Brady Tolbert's bedroom – you'll forget it's even there!

There are so many smart solutions here, do not you think?

Do you have a preference?

I mentioned the other day that I had also found a way to hide TV in my living room – and that does not involve any of the above solutions. I really hope to have the opportunity to photograph it and share it with you soon (it's very simple, but often these solutions are the best, is not it ?!) .

Do you have any tips for displaying a TV that I have not covered? If so, I would love to hear from them!


PS I've watched so many shows lately (which I blame for the cold and the dark!). A few of my favorites include Big Little Lies, The Affair, The Handmaid's Tale, Killing Eve, and Dr. Foster. I need a new one now – guh! advices?!

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