A charming studio filled with vintage finds

Last night I fell on Instagram A rabbit hole (the one where you disappeared for an hour or so …) – which eventually landed in the Hudson Valley, in the north of the state of New York. Premiere UNITE, in the Hudson Valley to be precise. Unit One might not seem to be the most glam name, but the pictures of this rental property speak for themselves. Conceived by Zio and his sons as a member of This old Hudson Portfolio, Unit One is a century-old property and serves as a creative space for photography and film for artists such as Vogue, Condé Nast Traveler and Anthropologie. Spread over two floors, the apartment offers a perfect balance of white, gray and weather and is full of charming vintage finds. Forget the filming, I think I could just save myself … I wonder if it's possible. Ready for the tour?

Is not it charming?

In my head, I've already poured a deep bubble bath into the tub with a glass of prosecco! Oh, and it's Friday.

Can you imagine switching here for a long weekend?

This old Hudson also rents out other properties in the same building for photo shoots – and also offers long-term rented residences – say what now?! You can find out more about their Instagram right here.

I had the chance to visit the Hudson Valley to photograph two houses for my first book, Modern Pastoral (which should be reissued in March 2020 with the prettiest jacket!), As well as for filming the Transformation of the greenhouse with Emily Henderson in a few years. back and absolutely fallen in love with the area. Here are some other houses in the area, I think you'll love:

The beautiful nature inspired by the house of a ceramist
A converted light barn in the north of the state of New York
A calm white house in the Catskill Mountains

Maybe you also have good advice on home visits to the area? If that is the case, please drop share below!


Photo credits: 1. Martyn Thompson 2 & 3 Zio & Sons Creative 4 William Geddes 5 Dane Tashima 6 Fran Parente 7 and 8 Martyn Thompson 9 John Bessler courtesy of This Old Hudson with thanks

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