If you move to Gothenburg, Sweden, you could live like this!

I mean, seriously – look at this place! It's 184 square meters (1980 square feet) of pure paradise. I already imagined sweeping (because that's what you would do in an elegant apartment like this, swan!) From room to room spacious, the floor crackling softly underfoot! The fires crackled in the wood stoves, casting shadows on the sumptuous elements of the 19th century period! It's Monday, I'm in love! Let's take a tour then decide which of us will move in and invite the other to fika (and the weird party!). Treat ?!

Stay calm, beat the heart. I believe that it is a Large Air Loveseat (Gen has one in his living room and I could not get out during the whole shoot!). The carpet is from Tisca. I also hope a Light pawn by Hay.

I like the way the doors, the door frame and skirting boards were painted in medium gray, it adds a contemporary touch to the room and helps highlight the details of the gorgeous doors.

I love blue velvet sofas because I've installed one in my living room last week. Are you a fan too? I do not know where this one comes from (I love studs!) – an idea?

We also have a rubber factory like this at home. We call it "Farfar" (which means father's father or "grandfather" in Swedish) since Per inherited his grandfather who died several years ago. This is an amazing plant!

These Swedish masonry kilns are so beautiful you can not find? They are also incredibly effective (the tiles retain their heat long after the fire goes out).

Are you still convinced ?!

I would move in a heartbeat!

Other fabulous historic properties to enjoy today:

I hope you have a good start to the week, I feel that this one will be excellent!


PS – I've had so many questions on Bemz covers from Friday's post. If you are stuck on which fabric to choose, I would advise you to order some samples. They are very fast to send and you should still be able to order in time to receive the 25% discount.

Photographs courtesy of Entrance, with thanks.

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