My salon in three different ways (Plus 25% off on Bemz covers!)

Partnership. The most popular room of our house at this time of year must be our living room. It's here that we relax, watch TV (yes, there is one lurking somewhere in this room, can you guess where ?!), play games and chat up to date. in the early hours of all winter.

In my childhood home, my mother insisted on two antique chesterfields that looked stunning – but did not move an inch when you sat down – do you know the type ?! God forbid if you sit on one of the arms (there would be an all-powerful creak!)! In our living room, we may not take advantage of the history of antique sofas, but our little IKEA Söderhamn 3 seater, its armchair and its deck chairs are comfortable!

We can also update the furniture as soon as it starts to look tired thanks to Bemz IKEA furniture (made to order from IKEA furniture in hundreds of high-end custom-made fabrics in Europe (LOVE THAT!), and this fabulous team currently offers readers of My Scandinavian Home a Major 25% discount (see more details at the end of the post!).

I saw this as a PERFECT opportunity to manage their collection and try a few different looks in my living room and determine which cover (and which arrangement) would be best for the cold winter months ahead.

I would like to know which of the three you liked the most!

Look One: beautiful linen


For the first look, I wanted to create something that is soft, floating and snug. The Brera Lino linen at dusk is a soft medium blue with a very slight green hue (Per insists is green … but again, he also thinks that the rose is red sooo….). I liked the idea of ​​combining it with Brera Lino Pebble and brown accents.

The look

I've been a fan of the Bemz Loose Fit style cover since I reorganized my living room in 2017 (remember that look?) I've since reviewed a few styles, including this one last fall. !) – you know me! I like the fluid and casual look and the contemporary seams, is this also your style? This time I opted for a Bemz Loose Fit linen sofa cover Dusk Brera Lino for IKEA sofa Söderhamn. It was one of those instant games with my coffee table (an old workman's bench that I've had for years). I love that a plan runs without a hitch!

I've always liked the way that linen catches light – and also its appearance just as crinkly as folded flat – perfect for a mess (or maybe I should say, very relaxed?) a family like mine!

The living room also serves as a traffic lane to our backyard, which makes it difficult to furnish! It was the first time I tried a lounge chair in this position Genevieve Jorn & # 39; s idea) and it just seems to be coming up. Per might wonder where his cart went with the Hendricks – but girls and I love it in this position! What do you think?

In terms of carpets, I say the better the better at this time of the year, is not it? This Beni Spezial comes from the family business Pure Natur in Austria.

There are so many details in my living room, some of which are new and others that I have owned for years. Here is a quick little summary:

Have the look

1. Z1 Cotton lamp

2 Paris Print by Anna Johansson

3. Bemz Panel curtain in Belgian linen blend, ecru

4 Söderhamn 3 places at dusk

5 Maria Leinonen's color print

6. Granite Wool and mohair blanket

7. Antique Chinese bank

8 Söderhamn pebble lounge chair

9 Blue Print by Berit Mogensen Lopez

10. Bemz Belgian linen mix cushion cover, ecru

Look at two: luxury velvet


Although the Dusk look is slightly darker than the previous cover, I felt like I wanted to go even darker and create a very luxurious lounge area.

My mother's infamous antique (and pretty, I must say) sofas have always been covered in dark blue velvet – a look that never fails to make me nostalgic. In my own living room, I wanted to integrate that and explore a mix of indigo, camel and soft gray.

The look

I had used to have white linen curtains in the living room (you can see them here) – for these two looks, I swapped the white linen Curtain panels in unbleached Belgian linen. This is a slightly thicker fabric that immediately made the room more comfortable. It's funny how can this happen, do not you think?

I must say that this look was so popular in my family (mainly because the sofa is so soft!). I also sent some pictures to my mother and she loved it too!

Here is a brief overview of some of the pieces:

Have the look

Have I forgotten something? If so, give me a shout in the comment section below and I will do my best to help you!

Look Three – The Reading Corner

If you are looking for me this weekend, you may be able to find me here.

Or should I keep the velvet look. Or maybe twilight linen? Hmmm. What to do?! Do you have a favorite?

Oh yes, and I promised to tell you more about the discount! If you feel inspired to cover your sofa, your armchair or your IKEA lounge chairs (if you do not have an existing piece of furniture, you can buy used furniture like this for an online song) with a Bemz cover, the fabulous team offers readers of My Scandinavian Home a WHOPPING 25% discount until 25 November with the coupon code MSH25. As part of this VIP offer, you will also receive your orders before Christmas (for all fabrics in stock) and they will be shipped almost worldwide!

If you have any questions about something, do not hesitate to ask in the comment section below!

In the meantime, maybe I'll just snuggle into my new living room!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Photography: Niki Brantmark – My Scandinavian House

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