A beautiful cabin inspired by a rugged landscape

What do you get if you combine a sculptor with a builder? The house of soot, that is what! Sculptor become a builder Anthony Esteves built the house with soot in hand, combining his apprenticeship as a sculptor with new high-end construction techniques. The charred black structure was inspired by the "ghostly quality" of 17th-century New England homes and the wild and rugged landscape of Spruce Head, Maine. Today Anthony, his wife Julie O 'Rourke (founder of RudyJude children's clothing) enjoy the house and its beautiful surroundings firsthand.

I've always been a big fan of black houses. They are quite common in Scandinavia (especially for huts and holiday homes). For this charred black structure, Anthony is inspired by black spruce and lichen from the island, as well as wild landscape.

The table (which was picked up at a local secondhand store) is so beautiful, do not you think? My mother bought a similar one that she bought at auction years ago. Unfortunately, the drawers mean that it is too low to accommodate a chair / your legs under the table (just a warning to do before you get one of those bad boys!). She uses hers as a side table and she is just as beautiful!

I like the way the textures, such as stone and wood, have been carefully selected to reflect the rugged landscape.

A small stove placed on a vintage dresser serves as a place of cooking for evening meals (a bit like a homecoming!).

Rails made of copper pipes and cords are used as hangers in the bedroom.

Wow! So striking, personal and unique! You can really feel the connection between the house and its surroundings.

The interior would also be comfortable on the rough Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic.

Are you also a fan of black facades?


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