A dream house in Copenhagen, full of books, art and Danish design

Friday is totally calling for something fabulous. And when I discovered the Danish house of a student in architecture technology Freja Bak Petersen I knew that I had found the perfect place! The Freja apartment in Copenhagen is a total dream! The simple reading of the books in his dining room in the Danish house the day before, was looking for me instagram, and its flow was filled with mid-century Danish design pieces, colorful works of art, stacks of books and subtle details that make the space truly unique and personal. Loop your friends, you're in the loop!

Freja found the Børge Mogensen dining table at a Scandinavian auction site Lauritz.

I could ride in this classic Kludestolen chair by Bernt Petersen and read all weekend, and you ?! I also like floating shelves, this helps maintain a beautiful feeling of light and air (unfortunately, we do not have many walls in our house that could handle that – and you?).

Freja has built the shelves herself (you can see a slideshow of the process, including before the pictures, right here). So smart!

Instead of tearing it apart, Freja kept the original kitchen of the 1920s and updated the cabinets with a lick. retro Beckers painting. The walls of the kitchen were painted Salt, Also from Beckers.

A plaster wall in the living room dissipates the white and adds a load of texture to the living room.

It's the subtle touches at Freja, like the color of the floor, that make it so personal. "I painted the floors in very light blue with a touch of gray .. I like the fact that they are in light blue!" Freja said.

The "Floyd Sofa" in beige matte velvet comes from the Company Sofa.

What a perfect way to create room for a home office in a small space without having to look at your working / studying bed notes! So inspiring! Freja made the desk itself with IKEA legs and a lacquered MDF board. The lamp is from Møller & Rothe.

Oh, how I liked this tour at home. I hope you have also felt inspired!

Has something particularly affected you?

I like the light blue floor (Freja has promised to come back with the exact color code over the weekend.I will stop to update the message as soon as I receive it.

In the meantime, you can see lots of other pictures of Freja's house on instagram right here.

It seems like the festival of Danish design love has become a matter of two days! If you missed the message yesterday, I highly recommend you serve a coffee and jump there now – so many dream spaces!

Among the other dream Danish homes to love this weekend, there is a rare glimpse behind Nyhavn's colorful facade in Copenhagen, the cool home of a Danish architect and hygge and splashes of color in the creative house from Hanna Järver.

Spend some fabulous days, friends!


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Photography: Freja Bak Petersen, shared with kind permission.

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