15 fabulous Danish spaces brighten your day

Nothing makes you smile like a house with a touch of color (OK puppies, kittens, etc. could also do the trick, but here I'm talking about strictly Scandinavian interiors!). And in my mind, nobody is as colorful as the Danes. Our Nordic friends seem to have the gift of finding shades that are both bold and earthy. Think of soft pink, deep greens and medium greens applied to walls, furniture or a subtle hint in a painting or jacket. In both cases, combined with whitewashed walls and floors, the overall appearance is fresh, vibrant and stylish without effort. Another studio, a Danish studio for the development of creative products and products led by Julie Wittrup Pladsbjerg (who is at home, I recently introduced here) and Mikkel Dahlstrøm, Has an innate ability to search some of Denmark's most beautiful homes for home magazines. Here are 15 casual spaces in their portfolio – which really make me smile, I hope they'll brighten your day too!

5. The princess and the pea (AKA, one of the cutest in the world) in the house of May-Britt

8. A pretty rose in Aarhus's house of Danish fashion blogger Maria Kaas Featured in Femina DK.

9. There is so much to love From here dining room starting with the dark blue wall and touches of rose and gold

10. Sometimes a few colorful cushions and a dark blue pouf are enough to create the room, as in the house of @toves_room and presented in BoligLiv.

11. When you have windows like these in From here at home, it would be rude not to sit there and enjoy the view. With a coffee For hours.

12. A small table, a floor lamp, art and a vase at Kristiane (presented in ALT Interiør). Because no space should be a dead space, even if it's hidden behind a door in the corner of the room!

13. How is this place for a quiet nap in the dining room of Hanne

15. A perfect balance of colors: a bright blue floor that matches a fabulous lamp! I'm so curious to see the rest of Tova's Danish house, and you?

Do you feel so full of inspiration?

Seriously, this is just the tip of the iceberg among all the fabulous spaces that Julie and Mikkel have styled and photographed. Hop on the Another studio Instagram feeds for countless extra spaces!

If you're feeling Danish, you might also want to join me in the Danish house archives – it's one of my absolute favorites (warning – you can get lost for hours!) . If this publication appears first, scroll to the past.

In the words of the Danes – ha in dejlige dag!


Credits: Styling and photography by Another studio, images shared with kind permission.

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