A monochrome Swedish house where creativity shines

Maria Karlberg describes herself as a creative mom for her magical girls, an interior decorator and a saleswoman in a furniture store. Looking at the beautiful monochrome apartment that the family shares in Örebro, just a few hours west of Stockholm, it's easy to enjoy. Despite the reduced nature of space, Maria's home is bursting with creativity. Art, ceramics and sculptures appear on all walls and surfaces. The stacks of paper on the floor and the desk are refreshing. Keep the real. Yay! No need to mention that I feel better with my own "ranking system" or lack thereof! From now on, I will follow the Instagram and Maria's blog – Naya Studio eagerly. She has sold me! I hope you will also feel inspired by Maria's house!

This is the second time this week that we see a polished concrete floor (do you remember the fabulous Sydney home ?!). I've always been a fan (if accompanied by underfloor heating, especially in Sweden) – what about you?

In Maria's home office, candlesticks, frames and sculptures (try Warriors of love) align a concrete worktop from Conceptbetong.

It's one of the stacks I was talking about! And guess what? It seems that if you put a pretty vase of flowers on top, no one will notice it. Do you feel as inspired as me ?!

Check out this candlestick right, too! This is available right here. Just say!

Cork boards are great for wall boards (Allie has one in her bedroom and she loves it, and I always have a little envy!) – try to combine these tiles to create similar.

I hope that you will feel inspired by Maria's house and that you will remember a lot of ideas!

I am so happy to have recalled the Swedish online store Warriors of love. It is a perfect place to collect art works and sculptures. It should come with a warning sign, if you're like me, you'll want everything in the store!

There is a load more pictures of Maria's house on her Instagram and blog (It's worth it!)

Have a nice day!


PS I have so many problems with the blog comments section this week – GRRRRR! I can not comment, it disappears, does anyone else find it? If you have the time to test it by leaving a comment then send me an email if it does not work, I'll be sooooo grateful. Whatever it is, I just wanted to let you know that I'm happy to read your comments even though I can not answer you!

Photograph: Maria Karlberg shared with kind permission
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