11 economical ways to turn your living room into a cozy winter retreat!

Are you starting to feel the cold of winter? Here in Malmö, temperatures oscillate around zero degrees Celsius. Brrrrr! I've heard somewhere that, like flowers, people bloom at different times. My friend from Greenland is taking off at this time of year, while I have always been a summer. When do you bloom? Winter is not your season either? Do not worry, we can do a lot to brighten the season and make our homes as warm as possible. And everything is in the details! Jeska Hearne from Lobster & Swan is a step forward. The photographer, stylist and online store owner based in Sussex has turned her living room into a haven of peace in winter. I've spotted 11 very comfortable ideas, but very simple and affordable to fly. It's time to close the hatches and snuggle up, friends.

1. Covers in a basket: If there is one thing I've learned in Sweden, it's still having blankets in reserve! Take a stroll through the city and you'll notice blankets draped over the backs of the bistro chairs and, just like at Jeska, a wicker basket filled with blankets in the living room!

2. Take out the sheep skins: Drape them on chairs or benches or use them on the floor as extra mats! You do not have one? Pick up a pack of down right here*.

3. Add some extra cushions (preferably in warm autumn colors): Just so you can really get bored!

4. Layer it! One of your sofa is not so pretty? Or maybe it's not sweet enough? Get super soft fabric (you can buy linen by the meter) right here*) and throw it on your favorite couch or chair and it could become your favorite!

5. Put the logs on the fire! Nothing says hygge like a crackling fire. But hang in there, what happens if your chimney is not in working order? Just fill it with pillar candles of all sizes. No chimney at all? Join the club – bah! – and light candles on each surface instead. So comfortable, so very Scandi hygge!

6. Double the lamps! Hey, it 's a dark time of the year, there' s nothing more frustrating than not being able to see his hand pass! Rather than opt for high voltage lighting above the head, do like our Nordic friends (and Jeska!) And enjoy an extra-low level lighting, lighting indirect for a soft and warm glow.

6. Bring outside in: Think of activities you love to do in the wild – like looking for seashells on wind-swept beaches or walking through silent forests and bring home relics that will bring you back instantly. Just watch them to make you feel good inside!

7. Light & Feel Good & # 39; Frankincense: tap into all your senses – including smells! Have you noticed how much room scents have arrived? Fall / winter is one of my favorites (I'm looking at you hygge candle and Their natural incense).

8. Lanterns that shine: This year, I loved my oil lamps (there is one in Jeska's living room that is hiding right behind the arm of the sofa!), They are much longer than candles (you just need to Lighter gasoline), the more you can change the amount of glow depending on your mood! Pick up a vintage right here*or invest in a Klong – It's going to last a lifetime!

9. Bring a touch of the forest: the wood immediately adds heat, especially if the surface is rich in patina. A coffee table made from a tree stump like that of Jeska's house is like heat on a stick (or three sticks in this case!).

10. Hot drinks all around: tea, coffee, hot chocolate, Irish whiskey – a cup of something hot and delicious at your fingertips is never wrong, I spend the winter!

11. A touch of the garden: the last leaves may be about to fall, but the decay is beautiful too! Bring branches from your garden or the floor of your local park and place them in a vase or hang them from the ceiling for instant comfort!

Do not even throw me on the floor! But I made say "instant", so sit back and admire it for a few moments before continuing!

What do you think? Have you had new ideas for your own living room? Maybe you have some tips to add in the comment section below? (FYI, I've had some issues with the disappearance of comments over the past few days and I've worked hard to fix this problem as soon as possible .. Sorry for any inconvenience!).

Or maybe you just want to go see Jeska and lie on her couch for a while (you may be able to find me there too!).

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Photography: Dean & Jeska Hearne / Lobster & Swan shared with kind permission

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