The fabulous Sydney home of a photographic interior stylist

G & # 39; s day! It's been a long time! We were supposed to be back in Sweden today, but Allie caught a stomach bug in London a few days ago (poor little thing!) – so only half of the family came back! Guh! Has it ever happened to you? Hope we can go home this afternoon. ANYHOW, I thought I would start November with a very special visit from the house of the Australian interior stylist Kerrie-Ann Jones. Kerrie-Ann started her career in interior design working for brilliant interior magazines, including Real life. Today, she works as an interior stylist and director of photographic creation and counts among her clients some of the leading brands of furniture, art objects and articles. of Australia house. Based on this introduction, you can deduce that his own house – a terrace house in Darlinghurst in Sydney – is truly fabulous and you will not go wrong! The living space filled with light and earth has been crafted with art using a blend of contemporary vintage, art and craft pieces from the mid-century, against white walls and polished concrete. Come take a look inside!

A series of skylights flood the open kitchen with large beams of light – one of the reasons Kerrie-Ann fell in love with the house in the first place!

Detach the layers and you'll find a polished concrete floor and whitewashed walls.

I like polished concrete floors, but they certainly need a lot of comfort (especially in Sweden). This large striped rug in the second living room does the trick, plus it's very pretty too!

I saw a rattan chair like this in the corner of Kerrie-Ann's daughter's room in the Swedish store Granite the other day – is not it fabulous? I also love the wooden shelves in the corner of the room. Laying children's books flat against the room makes it easier for them to choose their favorite books (usually the longest ones …!).

Kerrie-Ann has decorated her own bedroom with layers of texture in earth tones and a simple rust accent. The guest room is a little more lively with salmon pink linen bedding (what a difference a lightly colored linen can do – similar source right here*!)

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, beware! The layout of such a space can be quite expensive. In MHO, so it is best to choose a timeless theme like a gray and white theme, and then introduce the latest trends in accessories, as did Kerrie-Ann. The same goes for the cushions in the living room, the tea towels in the kitchen, etc.

Love the bust!

What did you think? Are you planning a complete renovation of your own home? Or maybe just scouring used carpets * sites (like me!)?

I loved the gallery wall on the first picture (in case you missed them, scroll up and take a look at the objects on the rattan coffee table – each piece is a true work of art)!

Is there anything that has marked you?

You can see more of Kerrie-Ann's house and the latest work on his Instagram feed (warning, you could be stuck there for hours). You can also read a full interview with Karrie-Ann on Son of bed and Domino.

Good start of the week to your friends!


PS I am so excited for tomorrow's post, there are so many ideas to fly! See you later!

Photography: Maree Homer

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