The cozy house with vintage inspiration from a Swedish artist

I like a home that feels really personal. One of these cradles that has amazed you with the details, a bit like a museum (very relaxed)! I firmly believe that creating a very unique space takes years. Years of hunting for second-hand parts and quirky furniture. Years of art collection and small accessories that affect you in one way or another. It also requires a desire to create a nest full of history and sometimes also a certain artistic talent. And that's when I came across the house of the Swedish artist Michaela Grut. Michaela lives in Lindingö, Stockholm, with her two children and her little kitten. His style is a lot of "decorating in a sustainable way", opting for vintage furniture, interior details and works of art that feel special, unique and a little weird. The result is a rather eclectic home that mixes colors, patterns and furniture of different moments to create a comfortable family home in which you can create new memories. Let's take a look!

When Michaela bought her first house, she struggled to find affordable art and began creating her own paintings and sculptures. her work immediately became popular among others and she online store was born (I just ordered the sculpture in the photo above – I could not resist! Is not it beautiful ?!).

Michaela's art is inspired by all that surrounds her: "the shapes, colors, structures … and the human body is a huge source of inspiration." I exaggerate often forms to make them more interesting. "

The children's room has been decorated in pretty Lilja wallpaper. Michaela designed the bunk bed herself and then asked someone to build it.

Get up close to the 1940's kitchen (painted in Velvet 10246 by Jotun Lady) and you will see "Staffan" a clay figure of Michaela perched on the shelves!

The works and the clay bust are both from Michaela and can be ordered from her shop (especially tempted by the bust, and you ?!). You can find all the articles in it store or send him an email directly to order an article (you can find his contact) right here and right here).

In fact, there are SO beautiful pieces in this house. It makes me want to spend all weekend scouring the flea markets and the junk shops of furniture and works of art, and you?

From other inspiring Scandinavian artists' homes to love today:

Although not owned by an artist, this magnificent Copenhagen home was designed for an artist with its north-facing windows (and inhabited by an industrial designer) – that's what matters, right? ! It's one of those places that never shows up on the market, it's simply passed on from generation to generation.

This Stockholm house does not belong to an artist either – but Karolina Modig is the author of two art books. So I think it really matters – I like the way she put art in the center of her house.

Good start of the week to your friends!


Photograph: Michaela Grut – shared with kind permission.

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