Our weekend in a Swedish cabin in the quiet of the forest

My Scandinavian home partnership:
In Sweden, there is a season for everything. For me, the summer consists of relaxing days at the edge of the water, when the sun shines like diamonds on the gentle waves. And when the leaves begin to turn, we head for the forests to look for food, admire the changing light and admire the sweet scent of spruce and pine. From time to time we encounter glades where a ray of light dances on the mossy hills and allows the delicate Harebell to flourish. No wonder these magical boreal forests are the inspiration behind the wonderful Skog collection of Skandinavisk. Their products come infuse with delicious spruce and pine needle, lily of the valley, musk and aged leather notes – making it one of my favorite collections! As part of my current partnership with Skandinavisk, my family and I headed to a friend's log cabin, just north of Malmö, to relax, play games and enjoy the calm of the forest. As we stopped, the stress of life and tension disappeared immediately and we were completely alone except for deer, foxes, squirrels and silent badgers – never seen, but always present!

Furnished almost entirely with second-hand pieces and dotted with sheepskins, my friend's cabin is both sober and super comfortable! A wood stove kept the cold of autumn and filled the cabin with a wonderful scent of pine.

Madmen savored a hot chocolate sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg, in the light of a Skog scented candle. The only moment of tension came when it was discovered that cinnamon buns were of different sizes. A long process of division began, until the last crumb.

Skog scented candle

Per discovered a guitar – which helped dispel the chignon situation and bring calm back into our weekend! The Norwegian Wood, which is aptly named, is one of my favorite tunes he plays (I also love Streets of London, can you see him rolling his eyes ?!).

Pots, pitchers and containers made of wood, stone and glass line the surface of the shelves adding a warm and personal touch. Under the shelves, there was a large pool of board games that we played late into the night, being a bit competitive, none of us went to bed until we won on the last lap!

Skog Diffuser of Perfume

We discovered that a basket also served as a very useful tray: it is an ideal way to transport sausages, brioches and marshmallows to the home.

A walk in the forest led us through a constantly changing scene, where dense ferns were hiding in the shade, bark-resistant mushrooms and vibrant green moss spots illuminated by rays of light. sudden light. The only sound came from the distant sound of a stream and the joyous cry of one of the girls falling on a chanterelle.

It's by the Skog hand cream – Yes By! We both like it because it is richly moisturizing (it!) But slightly fragrant (me!) (It contains aloe vera, shea butter, almonds, apricot and wax bee with birch bark extract). Did you know that birch bark is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that soothe irritated skin, stimulate circulation and help the skin stay energized? Perfect for the Scandinavian winter.

A little book (Svampar: Lilla fälthandboken with Rikard Svartvik) helped us identify the mushrooms. However, I would never dare to eat it, unless it is checked by an expert – and keeping in mind that we were only accompanied by a few deer, we were only looking for pleasure. ! We returned to the cabin relaxed, revived and with the sweet scent of pine and fir in the hair – and needing another cinnamon bread!

Overall, it was a truly magical weekend!

I can not wait to return soon to this beautiful little hut.

In the meantime, the Skog collection will help fill our Malmö home with the soothing scent of the Scandinavian Boreal Forest and remind us wonderfully of our week-end – if only I had won this part of Cluedo!

Do you like the forest too? If so, I would love to know more about your favorite time of year to visit and what you like to do in the forest.

Oh, and one last thing: exciting news, you can win SKOG hand cream, hand washing, hand lotion, soap bar, body gel, scent diffuser and candle perfumed Instagram This weekend. Take a hop tomorrow (Saturday) if you want to enter!

Have a fabulous weekend with friends!


This weekend was part of an ongoing partnership with Skandinavisk. All words and images are mine and I never work with brands that I love and that you will like too. Thank you for supporting the companies that make My My Scandinavian Home possible.

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