The inspiring monochrome home of a Los Angeles interior designer

2 months ago? – Can you say that I feel the Swedes after sharing my movie yesterday ?! That said, I'm about to take you to a home far, far away, where the sun is shining and where it's hot – yes, today we're going on a virtual trip to Los Angeles and the beautiful home of Anne Sage! Looking at her beautiful home, you can probably guess that she is working in the inner world. And yes, Anne is indeed a full time interior designer as well as the author of a popular design book. Sage Living – a company that started when it started his blog Almost 12 years ago (wow, his blog is even older than My Scandinavian Home!). Anne is also a content creator and co-owner of a creative studio and photographic space in Los Angeles called LightLab (which looks amazing!). However, she always found time to do everything from the finishing of the floors to the kitchen of her beautiful rental from 1954 to LA where she shares with her husband Ivan, two cats and a baby en route. The look is monochromatic with warm touches of light wood and brass. Ready for the tour?

The kitchen was built using cabinet doors from Semi-handmade which are designed for IKEA units. It was pretty cool to discover that there is a washer and dryer hidden behind the cabinets on the right – I'm all for keeping things clean (and I'm not talking about clothes !!) ). The oven is Cooking aid and the lights are by School.

I think that's what it is Stockholm 2017 coffee table again (remember that he appeared at the end of the bed in the house of yesterday?). According to the name, I guess IKEA had the intention of using it as a coffee table (rocket scientist I am !!), but I have not seen anyone else yet. Use this way. This is certainly a beautiful bench as seen here in a corner of Anne's kitchen.

Anne particularly loves her house thanks to the large windows that flood the living room with light. I like how California Closets have built the units around the window.

On Instagram, Anne said she liked the Hoffmann Armchair (seen here as an office chair) almost like. as much as (if not more) than her husband. I can totally see why! It's a beauty!

Since I photographed Gen's office a few weeks ago, I'm convinced that every workspace needs a daybed. Are you with me on this? This beautiful copy comes from Blue point.

The nursery is ready for the big arrival. The soothing palette über is perfect for lulling a baby (and this chair is ideal for exhausted parents!).

I think I could snuggle into this chair and take a nap now. It does not look inviting?

Is there anything that has marked you about Anne's house?

You can see more snapshots on Anne's Instagram. @citysage and blog.

Are we going to take in a few more houses in Los Angeles? After all, we to have come all the way ….

Have a nice day!


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