A small Swedish house hidden under a roof of Gothenburg!

Houses are of different shapes and sizes – which is wonderful (how boring would life be if they did not do it?). It's just that some shapes and sizes are a bit more difficult to decorate than others. This small Swedish house is nestled under the roof of Gothenburg and measures 50 m2. Nevertheless, homeowners have fully utilized every square centimeter – including the dark corners under the sloped ceiling (check the inclined radiator and the smart shelf!). ). The result is a charming, practical and bright house. Not here to go for a ride!

Karin chair, Mantis table lamp BS3 *

By far, the shelves seem to have been custom-made for the apartment. But look closer and you will see that simple white planks were attached to the original beam bracket to form the shelves. Very smart – and more affordable too!

Appliances and a narrow shelf allowed to use every inch of the small kitchen. I think this kitchen is from IKEA. When planning my summer cottage, I asked IKEA kitchen planners to help me make the most of small spaces.

They say that to get a good night's sleep, you need a quiet environment – and this piece certainly hits. Look carefully at the skylight window and you will also see a blackout blind for total darkness!

The shelves of the last image are so clever: again, they used the original beams. I can also see a mirror thrown to the side of the shot – another great way to make a room pretty disgusting light and airy!

Are there any ideas you could steal for your home?

These messages could also be useful for anyone living in a small space (or looking to convert an attic):

I'm going to Copenhagen today (WOOHOOO!) To visit Georg Jensen. They have organized for us an exciting schedule including a home visit, a boat ride and a glimpse of a whole new collection – it sounds like my kind of day! I will be sure to share on Instagram stories if you are curious. Being about the one man band I am, it means I have been up since 5am to write this post and finish others before I leave. GIMME CAFÉ!

I hope you had a good day!


PS: I'm very happy to share Gen's new home office with you tomorrow, it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Do not forget to pass.

Courtesy Photography Alvhem

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